Follow Me Call Forwarding

Follow Me Call Forwarding (also known as Remote Activation of Call Forwarding)  is a calling feature for your landline phone that allows a you to automatically transfer all incoming calls during the period of time this feature is activated, to any other telephone number. The customer activates and cancels Follow Me Call Forwarding as required from any touch-tone phone, which can be their home phone.

Feature Instructions

Instructions are based on tone prompts

  1. Lift the receiver and listen for dial tone.
  2. Dial the telephone number to access Follow Me Call Forwarding service:
    • Anchorage 868-0080
    • Eagle River 726-0080
    • Fairbanks 328-0080
    • Homer 435-0080
    • Juneau 500-0080  or 500-0280
    • Kenai 395-0080
    • Ketchikan 220-0080
    • Kodiak 512-0080
    • MatSu 631-0080
    • Nome 387-0080
    • Seward 422-0080
    • Sitka 623-0080
    • Soldotna 420-0080
    • Valdez 461-0080
    • Cordova 423-2080
  3. When dial tone returns, dial 7 digit number, if out-of-state, access would be 1+907-XXX-XXXX.
  4. At the next tone, enter the PIN number followed by the # key. If the customer has entered the correct pin number they will hear a confirmation tone.
  5. After the confirmation tone, dial 72#. Another confirmation tone will be heard. After that confirmation tone, enter the 10-digit forward-to number to activate call forwarding. (You must enter 1 if the number is long distance.) A tone will be played to confirm the Feature has been activated.
  6. Hang up the receiver.

To inactivate this service, follow the same instructions, but use 73# as the inactivation code.

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