FBI Virus / Malware


GCI and UUI customers are reporting their computer being “locked” by the FBI or government agency.¬† This virus gets inside a target computer, and then locks the computer. First, realize it is not the FBI or government locking your computer, it’s “ransom” malware on your computer. Second, you will have to remove the virus/malware from your computer. GCI does not recommend paying the “ransom”.

GCI or UUI do not offer technical repair services for customer software issues. You can remove this virus/malware yourself or take your computer to a computer repair technician.

GCI is providing some links to steps to remove this virus/malware from your computer as a convenience for you. GCI does not endorse or recommend any particular service for this removal.

Example Images of an infected computer

Below is an example of the type of image you may see on your computer if infected with the FBI Virus/Malware.

Sample Virus Images

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Links to Articles containing Steps to remove infection

Again GCI does not endorse these references, they are provided for your convenience. You may use any source you are comfortable with.

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