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GCI offers the fastest, most reliable, data services in Alaska. Please select a location to view Broadband plans available in your area.

Your modem’s bandwidth is shared by all the connected devices within your home. Your plan speed is the maximum speed expected to be achievable for that plan. Several factors will affect the actual speed you experience. These factors include, but are not limited to: the capability of the device you’re using to access the Internet; the application and/or server/web site you are accessing; limitations of Wi-Fi and other equipment you may be using; other active users and/or devices on your home network at the same time; routers on the public Internet being over-loaded by high demand – particularly during peak hours of the day.

Due to the fact that GCI’s broadband speeds now exceed the capability of many home networks and devices, running speed tests from a single device is no longer an effective measure of service quality. If you feel there may be issues impairing your service, please contact technical support as they have the tools to identify any issues that may exist.

Broadband rates shown reflect a standalone 24-month term agreement. Package rates and reduced overage fees may lower rates when you combine broadband with other available GCI products. Customers who prefer only Broadband services will be subject to a $11.99 access fee if they do not subscribe to GCI TV services (except in areas where GCI TV is not available).


GCI offers the fastest, most reliable, data services in Alaska. Please select a location to see what Broadband features are available in your area.

Other Fees
Return Check Fee $30.00  
Late Payment Charge $4.00  
Unreturned Cable Modem Charge $40.00  

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