fiber re:D FAQ

What does it mean to get fibered?
When you get fibered, it simply means you have expressed interest in fiber re:D, GCI’s 1 gig broadband service that will be available in 2015. View the map of the neighborhoods. 
How do I get fibered?
Simple. All you have to do is:

  1. Get the GCI broadband service that best fits your lifestyle.  Call 265-5400 or come into any GCI store in Anchorage to sign up.
    If you already have GCI broadband, go to step 2.
  2. Complete the form.  This will let us know that you are interested in our 1 gig service.
  3. Spread the word to your neighbors. The neighborhood with the most applicants will be the first to get 1 gig speeds. Watch for periodic messages letting you know how your neighborhood ranks in the race to get fibered. View the map.
What is the race to get fibered?
GCI will prioritize the neighborhoods to get the new 1 gig service, based on the number of homes that have expressed interest. View the map. See how to get fibered above.
What can I do to help my neighborhood in the race to get fibered?
Recruit your neighbors. Tell them to get fibered. The neighborhood with the most applicants will win the race to get fibered. View the map.
What service must I have in order to get fibered?
Any GCI residential or business broadband service.
How is a “neighborhood” being defined?
We will use a combination of zip codes and commonly known neighborhoods such as Downtown, Spenard, Stuckagain, and Hillside. This map is the general outline of how we will evaluate customer interest by neighborhood. Over the next few weeks, we will refine the neighborhoods into smaller areas to better capture customer interest and demand. View the map.
Will the 1 gig service be available in other cities in Alaska?
That’s our plan. We will evaluate where fiber re:D will be deployed next based on customer interest.
Can businesses get fibered?
Yes. Just subscribe to one of GCI’s high-speed business broadband services.  Call us at 265-5454 and sign up today!
Complete the form and we’ll contact you.