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Here are our most popular Local phone features:

  • Voicemail - click here for instructions on how to set-up and use GCI’s voicemail.
  • Anonymous Call Rejection - allows customers with or without Caller ID to reject those calls for which calling name and number has been intentionally blocked. Click here for instructions.
  • Call Forward - allows you to redirect all incoming calls to another telephone number. You can activate or inactivate this feature only from the home phone. Click here for instructions.
  • Follow Me Call Forwarding - allows a customer to automatically transfer all incoming calls to any other telephone number. You can activate or inactivate this feature from any phone. Click here for instructions.
  • Call Waiting - alerts a customer to an incoming call while their line is in use. Click here for instructions.
  • Caller ID on Call Waiting - displays the name and number of an incoming Call Waiting call on your Caller ID unit display, while you are on the line.
  • Continuous Redial - saves you time when you receive a busy signal on a number you dialed, and you would like to continue trying to call the number back. Simply pick up your phone and dial the number. If you get a busy signal, hang up and your phone will automatically check the number for up to 30 minutes. Click here for instructions.
  • Last Call Return - automatically redials the last number that called you. Not all calls work with this feature. Click here for instructions.
  • Multi-Distinctive Ring - allows a customer to add up to 3 additional numbers (for a total of four numbers) to a phone line. Each number will ring differently than the other.
  • Speed Calling - allows you to assign 1-digit dial codes for telephone numbers and/or access codes. Click here for instructions.
  • Three-Way Calling - allows you to have a conference call with two other parties at different numbers. With this service, you can initiate calls to both parties or add another party to an established call. Click here for instructions.