Our Video Conferencing features speak volumes.

We offer an array of a la carte features that can be added to other video conferencing services, so you always get the best solution for your business.

Any time you need to add features, it’s as easy as making a call to our Business Customer Service at 265-5454 or (800) 800-7754 or email us at bcs@gci.com.

SD Bridging

  • $25 per Hour/Port

HD Bridging

  • $50 per Hour/Port

Video Capture and Recording (VCAP)

  • GCI Customer: $50/hour
  • Non-GCI customer: $75/hour
  • $25 burn to DVD

Video Conferencing Room Services

  • $250 for the first hour; $150 each additional hour

IP to ISDN interconnection

  • $65/hour for calls within the U.S.

Dial-In Audio Participants with Video

  • $10 per hour/participant
  • 800 number access available

Desktop/Mobile Videoconferencing

  • $75 per user account/month

Professional Services

Includes network design, consulting, firmware upgrades, endpoint troubleshooting, QoS implementation and deployment and network configuration.

  • $85–$300/hour

Endpoint Install Fixed Rates

  • Urban (Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau): $1,500
  • Rural/Remote: $2,000

Event-based Services

We’re happy to provide video conferencing equipment and support for your events, priced on a per day basis. If your event will be in Anchorage, Fairbanks or Juneau, onsite support is available. If your event is taking place outside of these regions, remote support is available or we can provide you with a quote for onsite support.

VTC Unit Rental

  • $250/day

Onsite Set-up (includes establishing network and pretesting)

  • $150/hour

Retest, connect, and monitor conference from remote

  • $75/hour*

Tear down and removal of equipment after Conference

  • $150 total

*Monitoring will be performed remotely. If a technician is required onsite to monitor, it will be billed at $150/hour. After Hours and Weekend support (outside of Monday – Friday, 7 a.m. – 6 p.m.) will be billed at $200/hour. Assumptions: 768kbps of dedicated bandwidth is required to support the call with good quality at Standard Definition resolutions. Depending on the remote equipment, High Definition calls may require up to 2Mbps of dedicated bandwidth. GCI will provide the video unit and essential cabling for a single room installation.

Get Feature-Rich Video Conferencing

Email or call us: 265-5454 or (800) 800-7754