Video conferencing made clear.

Video conferencing can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be.

When you enlist the help of GCI, we draw from three decades of designing and deploying custom-built video conferencing systems. From multiple room integration to end user training, you’ll always get the smartest solution based on your needs.

Video Support
A real-time management and monitoring solution designed for companies who prefer not to support their video conferencing solution.

Video Direct
All of the management and monitoring services included in Video Support, plus Firewall Traversal and Gatekeeping Services.

Video Signature
For organizations who own existing video infrastructure, but want to outsource it’s management and support.

Video Standard
Managed video conferencing that includes multipoint conferencing, bridging services and a dedicated Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) meeting room.

Video Premier
Access to all of GCI’s leading video conferencing services, like our Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), Audio Dialing, web-based scheduling, video recording and playback.

Additional Features
Choose from an array of a la carte features that can be added to almost any of your video conferencing services.

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