Broadband Facts

Business Internet 200

Fixed Broadband Consumer Disclosure

Monthly Price $120.00

This Monthly Price is not an introductory rate.

This Monthly Price does not require a contract.

Additional Charges & Terms

  • Provider Monthly Fees
    • None
  • One-time Purchase Fees
    • None
  • Early Termination Fee None
  • Government Taxes Varies by Location

Discounts & Bundles

Click Here for available billing discounts and pricing options for broadband service bundled with other services like video, phone, and wireless service, and use of your own equipment like modems and routers.

Speeds Provided with Plan

  • Typical Download Speed 203.0 Mbps
  • Typical Upload Speed 10.1 Mbps
  • Typical Latency 8 ms

Data Included with Monthly Price250 GB

  • Charges for Additional Data Usage $10.00 / 10 GB

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