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Email FAQ's

10/19/2017 email will be getting an update! We will be moving all our customers email to a new platform with a new look and boosted security. New features include Conversion View to easily read email threads, Privacy Protector to shield your inbox while idle, and more. For more information see the FAQ’s (hyperlink to article) Read more »

Business Professional Bethel Nome Kotzebue FAQs


Great news! New business internet plans are here. Our upgraded plans include more data for less money and will result in a reduction in price for the majority of our customers. Plus, if you ever run out of included data, the cost for additional use buckets are now 50 percent less than before. Read more »

Business Professional Utqiagvik FAQs


Great news! New business internet plans are here. Our upgraded plans include more data for less money and will result in a reduction in price for the majority of our customers. Plus, if you ever run out of included data, the cost for additional use buckets are now 50 percent less than before. Read more »

Rural No Worries Bethel Nome and Kotzebue FAQs


GCI’s No Worries Internet Plans are now coming to Bethel, Nome and Kotzebue! What does this mean for you? It means no surprise overage fees, more included data for less money, and the ability to purchase additional data if you use all of your included data for a small fee. Read more »

Rural No Worries Utqiaġvik


GCI’s No Worries Internet Plans are now coming to Utqiaġvik! What does this mean for you? It means no surprise overage fees, more included data for less money, and the ability to purchase additional data if you use all of your included data for a small fee. Read more »

Understanding How GCI Prorates Your Bill


Your very first bill will include a partial month charge for the remainder of your current billing cycle, plus one month of service for the upcoming bill cycle. Read more »

How to check TCP IP settings on a Windows computer


Read more »

Perform a Traceroute on Both Windows and Mac


Read more »

How to Ping a Website Using Either Windows or Mac Operating Systems


The Ping command is a means through which you can test the connection speed between your computer and a website. Pinging can diagnose the strength, distance, and availability of a connection over the internet. Read more »

How to Put a Windows Computer into Safe Mode_NewsRelease


Occasionally, you may experience technical difficulties in Windows when installing a new driver or program, or if you’ve accidentally downloaded a virus. Starting Windows in Safe Mode allows the computer to operate with only the bare essentials. If the problem you’re experiencing doesn’t appear when the computer is in Safe Mode, you can eliminate default settings and basic drivers as potential causes. Basically, Safe Mode is a diagnostic tool for eliminating possible programs or drivers that cause your computer to function incorrectly. Read more »

Apple iOS Email Setup


Apple iOS has a stock email application built-in called Mail... Read more »

Forward GCI email account


GCI frequently receives request to forward a GCI email account to a different email address. Read more »

Minimum Internet Requirements


Minimum computer system requirements. Read more »

How do I switch my Internet Service to GCI?


Steps to switch internet service to GCI. Read more »

Change your GCI webmail password


MyGCI provides you the ability to change your GCI email address password. Read more »

How do I protect against fraud?


Tips on how to detect fraud attempts and protect your privacy. Information concerning various means of fraud attempts, focused primarily on the Internet, such a... Read more »

Unique password


We’ve heard that we should use a different password for each site, but so many of us don’t. Read more »

Netflix and Data Usage


Netflix allows different data quality settings and these setting will impact your data usage. Read more »

TurboZone FAQs


Learn about how TurboZone- the blazingly fast, high speed Wi-Fi network available in over 1,000 locations Read more »

MyGCI Profile FAQ


MyGCI Profile frequently asked questions Read more »

GCI TV Everywhere Troubleshooting


GCI TV Everywhere Troubleshooting Read more »

Basic Wireless Troubleshooting Steps


Try these basic steps to resolve simple wireless issues. Read more »

What is CPNI?


Definition of the CPNI. Read more »

GCI Basic Settings


The list of basic settings for email, web, wireless and routers. Read more »

Visual Voicemail – iPhone


Visual voicemail stores voicemail messages in audio files and allows customers to playback messages from a visual interface on their iPhone. Read more »

Create or Edit a MyGCI Profile


Make edits to your MyGCI Profile Read more »

Preparing Your Factory Unlocked iPhone for GCI’s Network


Step by step instructions to set up the iPhone with GCI's wireless data settings. Read more »

GCI TV Everywhere FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions Read more »

Preparing your non-GCI iPad for GCI's Network


Setup for using GCI's wireless data settings on your iPad Read more »

Spring Cleaning Your Smartphone


While you’re dusting away the cobwebs and putting a sparkle on your home’s windows, why not do the same for your smartphone or tablet? Read more »

GCI TV Everywhere Available Devices & Channels


Available GCI TV Everywhere channels Read more »

How Do I View My Usage


All of GCI's products with usage, except Wireless voice minutes, are now available at one location, with your MyGCI login. GCI TurboZone complimentary usage is... Read more »

TurboZone Activation Steps


Step by step on how to register for GCI's TurboZone network. Read more »

Setting Up GCI Wireless Voicemail


Instructions for setting up GCI's Wireless Voice Mail. Read more »

Setting Up Email On Your Android


Setup a email account on your Android device. Read more »

How to Activate Sling TV


What is Sling TV? Read more » Email Set-Up for Outlook


Set up email using different versions of Microsoft Outlook. Read more »

GCI Email Set Up For Windows 10


Steps for GCI email accounts using Windows 10 Mail App Read more »

How do I read my bill?


Tips to help you read and understand your GCI bill. Read more »

How do I make a payment?


Many easy payment options. Read more »

Setting Up GCI Landline Voicemail


Detailed step by step instructions on setting up and using your GCI Land-Line Voice Mail. Read more » Email Set-up for Windows 8 (Win8)


Steps and information to set up a email account on Win8 Read more »

How to Set-Up Outgoing SMTP Email Authentication


Outgoing SMTP settings Read more »



Not the Hormel product but rather an overview of unsolicted email and how to block it. Read more »

WebMail Login


GCI Webmail Login Page. How to login to your GCI email account from any computer or internet browser. Read more »

Text (SMS) phishing


Text message phishing. Read more »

Send an email using WebMail Contacts


Steps and information on two different ways to use contacts to send an email message using GCI's WebMail application. Read more »

How does Video On Demand (VOD) work?


GCI channel 777 - access to thousands of hours of programming at your fingertips. Read more »

TiVo App


The GCI TV powered by TiVo App gives you instant access to your TiVo from your smartphone and tablet devices. Keep your TiVo DVR at your fingertips at all times... Read more »

TiVo Central Shortcuts


Here is some convenient ways to save the time spent searching for folders or trying to access your favorite shows. When you’re at the TiVo Central screen, the... Read more »

Any show. Any room. Any TV.


Family photos, books, or even just clean ‘space’ – you’ll have more room on your shelf for all of the things you love thanks to the mini size of TiVo Mi... Read more »

TiVo Parental Controls


Want to set Parental Controls on your TiVo? Pay-Per-View (PPV) and Video On Demand (VOD) can have purchase locks, so movies or TV programming can’t be ordered... Read more »

It’s time to start streaming – TiVo Stream


TiVo Stream allows you to take your shows on the road, anywhere anytime! To stream or download shows from your TiVo Premiere series DVR, you’ll need the lates... Read more »

Watch your favorites with TiVo Stream on your Android or iOS devices!


With the free TiVo app, you can now stream live from your DVR directly to your Android or iOS device. Read more »

TiVo Support Information


General information concerning GCI's TiVo product with links to videos and TiVo support articles. Read more »

How to Use Thumbs Up & Thumbs Down Buttons


You can use the Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down buttons on your remote control to rate programs. Read more »

Accessing VUDU through TiVo Central


Use VUDU to watch your favorite movies and TV series right from TiVo Read more »

Managing Your WebMail Account


Information and screen shots of the GCI Web Mail Portal application. Read more »

Wireless Lifeline FAQs


Frequently asked questions regarding Lifeline phone subsidy. Read more »

Amplify Network Extender User Guide and Self-install instructions


Instructions to use equipment for Mobilize Home Phone Read more »

How Do I Update Internet Explorer?


Using the most current version of IE will also provide you the best experience on Read more »

Watch YouTube™ on GCI TV powered by TiVo


Now you can browse and view YouTube™ videos from the comfort of your couch! Read more »

How to Use GCI’s Conference Bridge Service


Overview of GCI's Conference Bridge Service. Read more »

GCI Conference Plus Support


GCI Conference Plus Support Read more »

GCI Conference Premium Support


GCI Conference Premium Support Read more »



Instructions for using Intercom on a landline phone. Read more »

Local Phone Features


Instructions for using features on your landline phone. Read more »

Channel Settings with TiVo


To view channels and PPV events on GCI TV powered by TiVo, the channel must be enabled in Settings. Read more »

WebMail Folder Management


Information on how to add, remove and rename folders in GCI's WebMail applicaton. Read more »

GCI Conference Now Support


Support documentation for GCI Conference Now. Read more »

Phishing / SPAM Emails / Pretexting Examples


This article displays examples of Phishing or Fradulent emails, GCI customers have received. Read more »

Filters in Webmail


Setting up Filters on GCI Webmail Read more »

How do I connect my Digital Local phone?


Instructions to install digital home phone service. Read more »

Selective Call Services


Instructions for using Selective Call Services on a landline phone. Read more »

Search for Shows!


GCI offers TV shows, movies and video on-demand. Find the shows you want to watch on GCI Go or TiVo. Read more »

How to Set Up Your Cable Modem


Instructions for self-installing your cable modem. Read more »

GCI TV Classifieds Explained


An extensive list of FAQs regarding submitting Cable TV Classified Ads. Read more »

Ordering VOD with TiVo


Here's how to get the most out of the GCI Video on Demand- VOD service with GCI TV Read more »

How do I do a GCI Broadband Speed Test?


Step by step instructions for using GCI's SpeedTest website, and how to read the results. Read more »

How do I order Pay-Per-View movies or events?


GCI Pay-Per-View ordering instructions. Read more »

Shop by Remote on the Home Shopping Network (HSN) with TiVo


With GCI TV powered by TiVo, you NOW can shop HSN from the comfort of your couch! Don’t wait in line and avoid crowds with TiVo. Shopping has never been made ... Read more »

How can I stop spam?


Ways to stop spam. Read more »

Season Pass TiVo


Never miss an episode of your favorite shows with a Season Pass. A Season Pass recording keeps track of a show that is part of a series! Custom entertainment, m... Read more »

How do I find my GCI TV account number?


There are three ways to access a cable account number. Read more »

GCI TV powered by TiVo: Opera TV Store


Opera TV Store is a FREE feature available on GCI TV powered by TiVo. Discover a whole new world on entertainment with Opera TV, an interactive TV applicati... Read more »

Netflix on GCI TV powered by TiVo


GCI TV powered by TiVo customers no longer need to connect a computer or laptop to the TV to enjoy Netflix on the big screen. Activate your Netflix subscription... Read more »

OnePass. A smarter way to enjoy it all.


Now find every episode of any show you want to watch – in seconds, no matter where it comes from. Read more »

How do I record shows/series with a DVR?


The on-screen interactive guide (guide) shows TV listings and sets recordings. Read more »

How do I connect my cable box?


Self-install instructions for DCT and DVRs Read more »

Get iHeartRadio NOW on GCI TV powered by TiVo


iHeartRadio app will be available on GCI TV powered by TiVo Read more »

Integrated Search


TiVo powered by GCI TV offers viewers over a thousand hours of entertainment! Search by movie name, show title, episode title, show description, or directors name. On GCI TV se... Read more »

How to use Pandora® with GCI TV powered by TiVo


Pandora® is a free service that lets you create custom Internet radio station Read more »

GCI Usage Viewer App – Android


Steps on how to use the GCI Usage Viewer with a wireless devi Android Oper Read more »

GCI Usage Viewer App – iPhone


Steps on how to use GCI's Usage Viewer app with an iPhone. Read more »

MyGCI Forgotten Password or Username


Forget your MyGCI login information? Learn how to retrieve your username and reset your password. Read more »

Customize Your TiVo Collections


TiVo Collections feature highlights the best that TV and the web have to offer - grouped into fresh, fun and up-to-date categories. Read more »

What is MyGCI?


MyGCI is an online tool for GCI customers to view details of their GCI services. Learn more about this great service. Read more »

How do I set parental controls for my TV?


How do I set parental controls for my TV? Read more »

GCI Conference Center Portal


Manage your GCI Conference Now subscription and features conveniently from an online website. Read more »

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