Remote DVR Scheduling

GCI  has Remote DVR Access that allows customers to schedule and manage DVR recordings on the web. This Remote DVR service is available in markets that have Video On Demand (VOD) available.

If you’ve already set up your account, click here to sign-on to the Remote Access interface.

Follow the instructions below to get activated.


Activate Remote Access from Your DVR

To activate remote access from your DVR, you will need to secure a temporary code from your DVR set top box and then go to this site to activate your DVR. Step by step instructions for activation available here.


At Home or On the Go – Convenient Remote DVR Access

Once your DVR is activated, you can go to GCI’s online TV Listings grid to get started.

  • Schedule a one-time or a series recording
  • Browse your local channel lineup with up to 14-day look-ahead
  • Search for shows and access celebrity biographies
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