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Continuing to grow your business can be a challenge.

Getting the best technology for your business doesn’t have to be. Many medium-sized businesses consider us an essential partner because we provide expert network design, implementation, security and local support to augment your existing IT staff. Every day, GCI helps you to work smarter and focus on what matters most: increasing your business.

Learn how we’ve partnered with Alaskan businesses, read their case studies.

Internet Business Classic: High-speed Internet
Business Premium: Dedicated Internet
Local Telephone Cloud Voice
Phone Systems Polycom Hosted IP Phones
Mobility Voice and Data
for 10-50 devices
Cloud VM / Storage
Long Distance Everywhere for Business;
International Option

Our Solution

We design entire networks to support true business mobility through our Cloud services. Using a shared pool of configurable resources, GCI’s Cloud services provide an on-demand, scalable virtual network infrastructure that’s easy to set up, easy to use and easy to manage.

Next, our Metro Ethernet and AdvantageIP, delivered across our MPLS network,  serves as your multisite office or field work force. Our Metro Ethernet seamlessly transports Ethernet data between locations at rates of 1.5Mbps in most urban areas, while our AdvantageIP serves up a one-of-a-kind, secure IP network based on your businesses’ needs. Since we own our fiber network end-to-end, it’s always easy for us to integrate your MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) and Metro Ethernet connection.

Whether your business has fifty employees at a single location or hundreds of employees across multiple sites, we deliver complete mobile and data integration with our Allworx phone systems. You can even bring the functionality of Allworx to your smartphone or tablet with Allworx Reach.

Finally, our Advertising networks continue to bring customers through your door. We’ve helped several other local businesses do the same, thanks to our TV networks’ statewide reach.  And as with every solution, our Professional Services team will support your network and system management with scalability and security, day in and day out.

Case Studies

Humpy’s Great Alaskan Alehouse

Watch the Video

See how GCI helped Humpy’s to consolidate Internet, phone, credit card processing and sales tracking services into one easy to manage system.

Anchorage Museum
Anchorage Museum Image
Chris Arend Photography, Source: Anchorage Museum

The Anchorage Museum staff was in need of a fully managed, turnkey voice solution. So GCI installed a monitored and managed Voice Internet Protocol phone terminal on each desk and in every service area of the museum, as well as off site at the museum’s set building shop. Our client only has voice terminals on its premises, because we’re hosting our client’s mainframe voice processor. By upgrading their phone equipment with state-of-the-art Voice over IP (VoIP), the museum didn’t have to incur the large expense for new phone equipment or attempt to maintain the hardware. This saves our client more money annually and allows the museum’s staff to focus on their true mission: quality presentations to their site visitors.

Stanley Motors
Stanley Motors Image
Tony and Mel Stanley, Owners

After being with the same telecommunications provider for more than 20 years, Stanley Motors was looking for a business partner who could provide a reliable telecommunications solution in their fast-paced and fast growing business. With 11 different locations built from three separate sub-companies, Stanley Motors’ existing provider was under-delivering on expectations and had become disconnected—for example, their Internet would fall victim to constant outages and fluctuations in speed due to congestion, which would cause the VOIP phone system through yet another provider to fail. Stanley Motor’s inability to communicate and use something as basic as their Internet connection cost them thousands of dollars in revenue and administrations costs. They needed a partner who could develop different solutions for each of their three businesses while connecting them together at the same time.

Stanley Motors was interested in seeing what kind of solution GCI could provide. We approached our new client with an open mind and a plan to pay extra attention to their current pain points, so we could translate them into the right solution. We recommended a separate network through cable modem and T1 connections with GCI’s VOIP Allworx phone system, plus an Allworx VOIP phone system with an MLPS network to deliver the network integration and dependability our client was looking for.


Next, we designed a separate solution for our client’s smaller sites and distributed the costs accordingly. Not only did we provide connectivity to all of our client’s Alaskan locations, Stanley Motor’s Allworx phone system worked flawlessly over our MPLS network. GCI also began storing Stanley Motor’s server and network for the entire state, saving our client thousands in administrative, lost time and lost revenue.


We were able to seamlessly turn on all 11 sites with zero down time and our network has proven to be solid since the transition early 2011. In fact, Stanley has been so pleased with our solution that they’ve turned to GCI for help with three more sites. And in 2013, they ordered services for an additional two sites, bringing their total network up to 16 sites—with more on the way.

Crowley Image

Crowley, a U.S. marine solutions, transportation and logistics company, has two business units in Alaska – a marine services division and a fuel transportation, storage and distribution business called CPD Alaska LLC.CPD does not have any onsite IT personnel, so they outsource all IT ordering, maintenance and help desk functions. And with over 20 sites, including a number in village/regional center locations, CPD needed a provider who could service the locations where they actually do business.GCI met with Crowley a number of times to make sure we understood how all of their different business units operated. We wanted to ensure we would support all of our client’s employees and vendor relationships. From there, we proposed a “one-stop shop” solution—meaning, we would take over all possible services in each location where Crowley did business. This included Voice LinesLong DistanceInternet, which included a combination of DIAS, cable modem/DSL and wireless IP; Wireless and Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) data where needed. CPD’s Internet and MPLS allows our client to tie each of its statewide locations into their Anchorage office for single-location and single-source office management systems. And perhaps most importantly, our Wireless works where our competitors’ doesn’t, which means their marine services group can now communicate with other ships, barges, the Coast Guard and more.Compared to Crowley’s previous hodgepodge of providers, our client’s annual savings have approached nearly 50 percent. Yet even more proof that a few small changes can go a long way.

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