Blazingly fast Internet for your customers.


Using a Wi-Fi connection, TurboZone delivers high-speed Internet access to qualified businesses at zero charge.

What’s included:

  • Professional installation and maintenance of TurboZone Wi-Fi equipment
  • A second Wi-Fi connection with basic Internet speeds, branded with your business name, upon request
  • Exposure from the TurboZone app and other advertising efforts that designate your business as a TurboZone hotspot

Frequently Asked Questions about TurboZone

Who’s responsible for supporting the equipment and service?
GCI will provide 24/7/365 telephone support for your business. GCI will remotely monitor the equipment to ensure that the TurboZone service is operational for your customers.

What if I already have a WiFi network?
TurboZones do not usually interfere with existing Wi-Fi networks. TurboZone simply acts as another access point.

What are the restrictions?
TurboZone is not intended to be used for a business’s primary Internet connection and/or replace a data network. The second business-branded Wi-Fi service is an open Internet connection. User experience will vary based on the number of concurrent customers accessing the hotspot.

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